The Unknown Potential

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I haven’t seen Sonny in a month (due to me going on holiday and then him being ill) which is the longest time I haven’t seen him for in about 2 years. Not seeing him for that long made me realise that he is such a big part of my life!

Every time I walked past a McDonalds, every time I saw the 82 bus, every time I took a shameless selfie on public transport, I had to hold back the sobs because I was reminded of how much I miss him. I was broken hearted basically.

The reunion wasn’t has I had hoped. I pretty much rugby tackled him to the floor and he told me to, ‘go away.’ He did smile though and then was very affectionate all day, so I didn’t let that get me down too much!

His speech is coming on so much! He said, ‘its rain’ (click here) and his rendition of the alphabet is really coming along! (here). He is saying other words though that I have no idea what he means by. I keep trying to get him to point or show me but he just gets frustrated.

We had a bit of a domestic while we were out (at a fair in Highgate). He took his shoe off, and then refused to put it back on. I know he can do it on his own, so we spent a good 20 minutes arguing.

Sonny often shocks me with what he knows and what he can do, but then sometimes doesn’t do the things I know he can do. Which confuses me. If someone had told me a few years ago he would be saying the alphabet or counting to 10 I wouldn’t have believed them. Yet I have seen him get dressed on his own countless times before and he sometimes won’t do it on his own.

That is why I love what I do: there is so much unknown with Sonny, what he thinks, what he feels, how much he understands. Every time he does something new its more hope for what he will become. I

I wonder what he will be like in the future. Will he be able to talk? I hope so! Will he be able to cross a road on his own? I have no idea. Will he have a job? Not a scooby.

Will he be happy?

I’ll try my damned hardest to make sure of it.

Oh and I won the shoe argument. He eventually got it on by himself!

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