Soft Play on a Rainy Day


Sonny was in such a good mood when I told him we were going to soft play (which is basically an indoor climbing/play area). Despite the rain and gale force winds, we set off to the bus stop in high spirits. Until I took us on the wrong bus. Going in the wrong direction.

Good start.

When we finally got back on track, we had to change buses. It just so happened we walked past a Macdonalds. Sonny tugged at my arm and pointed and said ‘Macdodods!’ I said, ‘yes Sonny lets get a macdonalds then before we go to soft play.’ We get to the front door, him excited about some fish fingers and me about getting a coffee. And just our luck it was closed because of a power cut.


It was traumatic. Shoes were off. A fruit shoot bottle was thrown (thankfully not injuring anyone). Did I mention it was raining?  Oh and a random passer by thought that it was an appropriate time to approach me and ask where my bag was from.

When he has a meltdown like this I try to explain as much as I can, and tell him what is going to happen next ‘Sonny I know its really confusing because I said we could have a Macdonalds and now we can’t, and that must be difficult for you and you seem very cross, and I am sorry! Let’s put your shoes back on and get on another bus to the soft play centre.’ And then, luckily, my distraction tactics worked a treat: I made him laugh by pretending to hit my head on a lamppost.

After our minor blip we had an absolute blast in soft play. I sometimes think I enjoy it more than him! It basically involves a lot of me chasing after him and then catching him, tickling him until he is blue in the face, and then letting him run off again. I was pretending to be a hungry monster wanting to eat him for dinner. Which he finds absolutely hilarious.Making him laugh is honestly one of my greatest pleasures in life!

He did some really good talking and signing too! Click here to see! He has only really started to talk in the last six months or so, I’m so proud!

Even though Sonny got upset about the Macdonalds saga, we still managed to have a really fun day. It just goes to show that no matter how prepared you are, there are some things out of our control: sometimes Macdonalds will be shut and sometimes it will be raining. But we were able to recover from that moment, and adapt to the situation. Being resilient in the face of a set back isn’t always easy, but we managed to put it behind us and enjoy the rest of the day together.


Sonny and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!