Son and Mum have a thing going on…

I took him to see my Ma last weekend.

We took a bus and then a train to Beaconsfield (it was a long journey but Sonny was so good the whole way.) I showed him a picture of my mum on my phone to show him who we were going to see.

Mum picked us up from the station, and Sonny clambered into the car and gave her a kiss.

We went to Beaconsfield Miniature Village. Pretty much the coolest place I have been too ever. Houses, churches, trains, little people, a fun fair, rivers, everything. Sonny walked around holding my mum’s hand. He absolutely LOVED the trains (they moved around on the tracks). He would say, ‘look! A train!’ and then flap his hands on his leg while he watched it drive along.

I tried to tell him it was lunch time, and we walked away, but he said, ‘no.’ and ran back to the village part to watch the trains again. It is unheard of for him to turn down food.

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Last year Sonny met my mum and when we said goodbye he burst into tears, and found it really hard to calm down. Mum and I had planned not to say bye so he wouldn’t get upset this time.

This plan did not work. Total failure.

We got out the car and mum drove away and Sonny could not stop crying. He was saying, ‘Mel’s mum, bye’ and then sobbing. I don’t know if he was sad because he thought I would be sad, or if he was sad because he loves seeing her. No idea. He eventually calmed down, and I thought not much more of it.

Yesterday I saw Son again. I took him to soft play (he even asked for the right bus. Genius. He said, ‘326 to soft play please’ so off we went. On the way back though He started crying and really upset again. I couldn’t work out why. Then he said, ‘I want train please’ and kept asking for it. I was very confused. I kept telling him it was home time, but that just made him cry even more. THEN HE SAID, ‘I want Mel’s mum’ and I welled up because that is SO CLEVER and also because I was a little bit jealous that he loves my mum so much. But mostly because I was proud.

The fact he remembered it, and the fact that he could tell me what he wanted and the fact that he effectively shows that he cares about someone else.

Some might say it’s a fairly minor victory in the grand scheme of things, but to me, for Sonny, it is ground breaking.

My Besties Became Besties!

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I hadn’t seen my boy in three weeks so I was SO happy to see him

I was missing him A LOT.

I took a bit of a risk today, and decided I would take him to meet my mum.

She has wanted to meet him for ages now! We went to a farm near her house, which is just outside of London. It was quite a lot of travelling but Sonny and I entertained ourselves by chatting (I kept telling him that we were going to see my mummy, and that everyone has mummies, just like Sonny does etc etc) I wasn’t sure if he was understanding what I meant though so kept repeating it and showing him a photo of her on the way there. We obviously passed the time by taking a few cheeky selfies aswell.

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I haven’t seen Sonny interact with anyone else for ages (not since I worked with him at school last year) so I was quite surprised how well he did! He held hands with my mum and kept looking at her, and EVEN gave her a massive cuddle and kiss! Obviously my mum fell in love with him instantly because he is so adorable he is almost edible. It was so lovely to see two of my favourite people get on so well!

But then when we said goodbye at the station to her, Sonny got really upset, he was crying and waving and saying, ‘goodbye, see you soon.’ This set my mum off. They were both sobbing. Once I had ripped Sonny from his new love, I managed to calm him down with lots of hugs and a fruit shoot.

We all had such a lovely day, looking at the animals and playing on the climbing frames and the soft play area.  My mum won’t stop talking about her day out with Sonny. She keeps asking how her man is! (I better let my step dad know he has some competition!)

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