Any Excuse To Dress Up!

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‘rech buch eighty –dooo yayyy!!!’ Sonny said as we left his house. (Translation: lets get on the red bus, number 82 yay!) We often get the number 82 from his house so now he thinks every time we go somewhere that’s the bus we will get on! This time he was actually right (again.)

We went to the zoo today! He got a bit frustrated when we got there as we had to wait quite a while, but we sat down and had lunch and he calmed down.

He loved the penguins, we were there for half an hour and he kept pointing to them and cracking up at them swimming. Unfortunetly he then pointed to the butterfly house, where there are quite literally hundreds of butterflies flying around in a small confined area. This is basically my worst nightmare, I freak out that they might fly in my mouth or get in my eyes or something, so I was screaming and trying to hide behind Sonny who was trying to CATCH them with his HANDS. We managed to stay there for about 20 seconds, by which point I was on the verge of tears because I was so petrified. And no butterflies were harmed by Sonny.

Then we got DRESSED UP in some onesies and ran around for a bit. On the bus back we had a pretty decent conversation:

Me: Son, what does a tiger say?

Sonny: Roaarr

Me: A crocodile?

Sonny: Snap snap

Me: What about a monkey?

Sonny: Oo oo ah ah

(I asked him what noise a pig and horse make but he wasn’t too sure about those)

Me: Dog?

Sonny: Woof woof

Me: Cat?

Sonny: Meooww

Me: Cow?

Sonny: Shhhh. (put his hand over my mouth. Evidently he had had enough by that point.)

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But anyway I was really surprised that he knew the noises the animals made! I obviously spoke loads to him while we were at the zoo about what animals there were and the noises they make, but its quite hard to tell how much he actually takes in.

We got quite a few odd looks when we were walking around in our costumes, but Sonny enjoyed himself which is all that matters!

Happy Friday!


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