Sonny Knows The Alphabet!

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Sonny had one of his best days ever today! I think because we hadn’t seen each other for two weeks he was looking forward to going out more than usual!

He gave me loads of hugs and kisses all day, and even when I said, ‘Sonny we are just going to pop into the shop to get some water before we get on the train’ which usually would stress him out, he was so casual and calm about it, and helped me give the money to the man at the till.

Sonny played a game in the soft play centre, getting the balls from the ball pit up to the top of the slide, then watching the balls go down the slide and then repeating this process about 20 times. (A woman who worked there told him off for moving all the balls, but I spoke to her and said as he isn’t bothering anyone, and getting a huge amount of joy from his game, would it be ok if he carried on?! She was fine about it once she found out he has autism.) It was really funny watching him trying to climb up ladders with his hands full!


Then he surprised me by showing me he could say the alphabet! (Click here to see.) Well, he needs a bit more practice, but it is a good start! My favourite bit is when he says ‘W’. He just bowled over to the alphabet puzzle and said it without being prompted or asked to…I was so chuffed that I had my phone on me to video it because I asked him to do it again afterwards and he straight up refused.

Anyway, I was really proud of him today. he played really nicely with the other children in the soft play centre too,  and considering it was really noisy and busy he did well not to get stressed.


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He’s Growing Up So Fast!

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Sonny is saying words now that I had no idea he could say.

I decided to take my boy to Regent’s Park as it was such a lovely day outside.

We were having a blast on the climbing frame when something monumentally awesome happened.

He turned to me and started saying something, it took me about 5 minutes to work out what it was, I asked him to sign it, to repeat it like a hundred times. Until the penny dropped and I realised he was saying, ‘animals’. I don’t know whether it was because we had seen animals at Battersea Park last week, or he remembered somehow that Regent’s Park has a zoo in it, but it was then that I realised I had a little GENIUS on my hands.

It took me a while to stop freaking out (just to make sure we were on the same page I got my phone out and showed him some pictures of the zoo and said, is this where you want to go? Are you sure? The zoo? With the animals?) He started getting annoyed after saying yes for the fifth time.

And so an impromptu trip to the zoo was had.

Sonny took control of the map (probably because he now used to my shocking sense of direction!)

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Sonny has developed an unexplainable but fierce interest in penguins. We set up camp by them and watched them swimming for ages. When I eventually got him to come with me to look somewhere else he kept saying, ‘penguins’ paired with a little jig (click here to see!)

photo 2-1

Off we trotted back to the penguins! We went and played on the climbing frame for a while and also saw the butterfly enclosure bit (which I hate. I was petrified of them getting in my mouth, Sonny was intent on trying to grab them by the wings. Stressful.) But he seemed to really enjoy his sunny day (on my Sonny day!)

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I am so proud of how far Sonny has come in the last few months, I can’t believe his progress! I will cherish all these moments while he is young, they won’t last long I am sure! As much as I am thrilled that he is doing so well in his development, I am also a little tiny bit sad he is growing up so fast…

His feet are nearly as big as mine!

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A Fab Day To End A Great Year.

photo 3arty

Sonny and I went to an arcade place near the London Eye today.

Obviously before we got there we joined the hundreds of tourists and loved up couples in taking lots of selfies with Big Ben in the background.Big Ben

Not going to lie, it turned into a little photoshoot, Sonny is almost as good as me when it comes to posing for the camera!

So we went into the arcade and for a good 10 minutes we were on the 2p machines (those ones where you put the 2p in and it moves them all a tiny bit off the shelf). It was only when I ran out of 2ps that I realised how long we were standing there for and had basically become hypnotised by it. Dangerously addictive.

We went on the dodgems four times, once on our own, which was weird because I ended up just driving around in a circle, but I let Sonny steer for a bit, which he loved, but resulted in us both coming out of the car with mild whiplash.

Then we played some bowling for a little while. By which, I mean Sonny showed me his interesting technique of violently launching the bowling balls two at a time. It was surprisingly unsuccessful. He kept on trying to run down the alley after the balls, so due to the health and safety risks involved we made a swift exit!

Sonny was so happy all day today! Talking and pointing and dancing and generally just being really good and happy. It can get quite frustrating because sometimes I don’t know what he is saying but I try my best to work it out!

On the tube on the way back Sonny made a friend, a man who noticed his arsenal hoody! He looked confused when Sonny was ignoring him so I told him that Sonny has autism. Although when the man got off the tube he said bye to Sonny and Sonny waved and said, ‘bye! See you soon!’ CUTE.

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2013 has been such a good year for Sonny. There have been countless moments when he has done something/said something new, and I am so proud of him I could cry/faint. I am sure there will be many more, and I looking forward to sharing these moments with you in 2014! Happy New Year!