Why Are We So Adultish?

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Last Sunday was potentially the best day ever on record.

I mean, if we ignore the fact that he told me to ‘go away’ when he first saw me. After that he was all hugs and kisses.

On the way to the swimming pool we played a real fun game: I pretend to put my hand in a holly bush and hurt myself and he grabs my hand and kisses it better. He thinks it is hilarious when I hurt myself. I try not to be offended.  And then we bowled into the swimming pool and pranced around and played chase and I pretended to be a shark and Sonny kept dunking my head under the water which was fun and also kind of dangerous because he had no concept of how long I could hold me breath for. I nearly drowned.

But it was worth it for the LOLs. We had all the LOLs.

When we were getting changed in the cubicles I could hear someone telling off a child for being silly, and they said, “Stop being so childish!” Meanwhile, in a changing room a few doors down, myself and Sonny were, instead of getting changed, emptied out a whole bottle of talcum powder with great force onto our heads and bodies. It got me thinking, why are we so quick to tell a child to stop being a child, yet we rarely tell another adult to stop being so adulty? As a society we respect adulthood far more than childhood.

  What I have grown to realise, is that adults are just children in disguise.

I feel conned by adulthood. Genuinely I feel like it is a hoax. When I was younger I used to think, “wow I can’t wait to be an adult! Look at them all, knowing about everything and being so wise and clever!”  And then you grow up and suddenly you are expected to be an adult. And you wish you were a kid again, putting mud in your hair or pretending to be a dog, instead of trying to get your head around interest rates and how best to remove a wine stain from the carpet.

So when did we all stop playing? And why? It is so fun. And so important, and the most efficient way to learn. And generally makes all involved very happy.

Sonny taught me that. He is really quite a good teacher, though I doubt he knows it.


My Besties Became Besties!

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I hadn’t seen my boy in three weeks so I was SO happy to see him

I was missing him A LOT.

I took a bit of a risk today, and decided I would take him to meet my mum.

She has wanted to meet him for ages now! We went to a farm near her house, which is just outside of London. It was quite a lot of travelling but Sonny and I entertained ourselves by chatting (I kept telling him that we were going to see my mummy, and that everyone has mummies, just like Sonny does etc etc) I wasn’t sure if he was understanding what I meant though so kept repeating it and showing him a photo of her on the way there. We obviously passed the time by taking a few cheeky selfies aswell.

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I haven’t seen Sonny interact with anyone else for ages (not since I worked with him at school last year) so I was quite surprised how well he did! He held hands with my mum and kept looking at her, and EVEN gave her a massive cuddle and kiss! Obviously my mum fell in love with him instantly because he is so adorable he is almost edible. It was so lovely to see two of my favourite people get on so well!

But then when we said goodbye at the station to her, Sonny got really upset, he was crying and waving and saying, ‘goodbye, see you soon.’ This set my mum off. They were both sobbing. Once I had ripped Sonny from his new love, I managed to calm him down with lots of hugs and a fruit shoot.

We all had such a lovely day, looking at the animals and playing on the climbing frames and the soft play area.  My mum won’t stop talking about her day out with Sonny. She keeps asking how her man is! (I better let my step dad know he has some competition!)

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