Winter Wonderland



Sonny and I went to Winter Wonderland, and had the best day EVER…I showed him pictures of the rides on the bus on the way there and he was so excited! It was really busy, but we managed the whole day without queuing, which was pretty impressive! We both got very over excited when we arrived, (him because of all the rides and flashing lights, and I just because it was so festive and Christmassy, tis the season to be jolly and all that) so we were singing and dancing around for a while!  Then he decided he wanted to go on the dodgems, so off we went!

My driving skills leave a lot to be desired, so bumping into others was no problem for us! Sonny was loving it (although numerous times I had to tell him to keep his arms and legs in the car!) We went on a few other rides, and then he pointed at a roller coaster. I said, ‘Sonny, are you sure you want to go on that one, it looks quite scary!’ I was secretly hoping he would change his mind, as I am not great on scary rides! But he was literally dragging me towards it, so I took a deep breath!

‘Ok Sonny it’s going to go really fast but it wont last long, so don’t worry if you don’t like it, it will be finished soon!’

Turned out I absolutely loved it, but Sonny wasn’t so sure on the other hand! I risked the safety of my phone to video his face, you can see he wasn’t enjoying it as much as me! Safe to say he didn’t ask to go on anymore rides after that one!

Sonny on a Ride 

There was some fake snow at one part so we stayed there for a while as he liked watching it fall from the sky. We had a fab day out and it definitely got us in the festive spirit!